Mother’s Work: The Work-Life Rollercoaster

Whoever coined the term work-life balance clearly didn’t have kids. The term makes it sound like the two are equal; half your time (12 hours a day) should be spent in work and half on your life. This is quite frankly bollocks.

My work does not take up half my time on this planet. Yes it is important; it helps put a roof over our heads, food on the table, clothes on our backs. It’s not the be all and end all.

Life suggests time for fun, time to do the things I want to do. (Feel free to laugh out loud here.) Here’s what ‘life’ means to Moon Mummy.

  • It means time to sleep; I don’t get enough of it and would love some uninterrupted.
  • It means time to be a mummy; taking my girls to school and nursery, taking them to ballet and gym tots, reading to them, playing with them, taking them out for the day, feeding them, general cuddles and random fun stuff.
  • It means time to be a wife; maybe eating dinner together, having a chat about the day, a night out (these are like gold dust), sexy time (ha ha!).
  • It means time to be a friend and see other friends both with and without children.
  • It means time to do shit round the house to keep it clean; washing, ironing, hovering (Himself does this stuff too).
  • It means time to write for this blog.
  • It means time on my own. I am lucky to get a couple of hours to myself once a week usually at the weekend when Himself takes the girls out to his Dad’s. I, very occasionally, book myself a spa day with a friend and have a whole day away from the girls. (I’ve put me last again, sorry it’s just the way I think. I’m a bit crap at being selfish and taking time out.)

Life should take up a darn sight more of my time than my work but sadly that’s not always the case. The pressure exerted by work is often very strong. LIFE as opposed to the work-life balance shit, is actually a juggling act of so many things but what we should all realise, and I have just writing this down, is that we should give more importance, more validity to the many things we do outside of work and being a parent.


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