Things That Really Shouldn’t Stress Me Out

More and more we live our lives at a fast pace, often working, trying to juggle the school run and activities, attempting to have a relationship with your partner, doing family stuff. And I can’t help noticing that I’m quite often getting stressed out about the things that really don’t matter, that don’t have a massive effect, on the day to day and, if I didn’t get stressed about them, would probably be a little happier. So here’s a list of a couple of things I’m going to try and stress less about.

1) Ironing – yes, I am very well aware that there are masses of people out there who do not iron. I am not one of them and at my worst point 6 or so years ago was known to iron some muslin squares! What I stress about is what needs ironing and then not leaving it for ages on a chair in the dining room before it all gets ironed.

I am going to try and iron less and remember that everyone else in the house seems to have loads of clothes so they will not be running around naked!

2) Used toilet rolls – these are often left on the sink next to either of the toilets in our house. I have lost track of the amount of silent seething I have done about this. Why should I always have to put them in the bin? I find myself thinking.

I’m probably not always doing it and if I keep nagging the girls, I may find they start doing it more often. (I can dream people) Ultimately, as long as toilet rolls get changed and find their way to the recycling box, it’s all good.

3) The multipack packets of Frosties and Cornflakes that my children have refused to eat – I bought two Kellogs cereal advent calendars as they were a bargain before Christmas. Unfortunately, due to a lack of supervision, the girls got at the packets and ate all coco pops, multigrain shapes and rice krispies leaving 8 boxes each of Frosties and Cornflakes which they now refuse to eat. It’s not a disaster, the world will not end, but I find my mind going back to it at random moments and getting cross. I just don’t want them to have gone to waste.

They are all in date, so I think I might look into whether a local food bank would like them, or if Nursery or the school breakfast club could use them.

4) The mess that is my girls’ bedrooms – they are 4 and 6. They are messy, covered in Lego and soft toys. If I had OCD I’d have to spend hours each day tidying them which would be pointless, as 10 minutes is all they need to trash it again.

Apparently, they know where everything is and I rarely have to pick up lots of clothes, as they are good at putting those in the clothes basket. So I could (note this is could) just let them roll with it and just insist on a tidy every couple of weeks.

5) The fear of being late – it doesn’t matter when I get up or when we say we want to leave, it rarely happens at the time I want. It’s not like we get to places late all the time. I get to work on time, the girls are at school / nursery on time and picked up on time (though more of that is Himself doing it). I’m there to pick everyone up from ballet on a Friday. It’s just that when I was younger, I’d get places at least 5 minutes early. This is really stupid by the way, if you have a friend who’s always late. I got to my own wedding and had to wait outside for 5 minutes because they weren’t quite ready. The fear of being late stresses me out all the time. I sit in the car on the way to work and constantly check the time, worrying I’ll be late. If I was to be late, it’s not a disaster. I’m not going to make a habit of it so why do I worry so much.

6) Trying to be perfect – it might be possible to be the perfect mum, or the perfect wife, or the perfect teacher, or the perfect daughter etc. I am all of those things and more, so let’s face it, I will never be perfect. I need to focus more on the things I can do rather than the things I can’t.
This year I’m going to try and stress a little bit less about the things that don’t really matter.

Let me know what little things have stressed you out recently.

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