Home-School Projects – What Type of Parent are You?

Bebe and I (more I than Bebe) have just finished the labour of love that is her latest home-school project: A Medieval Castle.

Yup a whole castle, which also needed to have all the bits labelled (cue swearing from mummy when she realised she needed to put on a turret). This little beauty has been made from: tubes of Pringles, a tub of Vanish, a box of Frosted Shreddies, some paper cups, a few plastic straws, some sparkly wool, a lot of masking tape and a lot more of mummy’s time than she initially anticipated.

I might have taken it all a bit too seriously, Bebe’s only 6. Yet, I don’t think I’m the only one who takes these projects seriously (I’m really proud of the recycled dress made from bin bags, bottle tops, sweet wrappers and red wine corks that I made last year). I’ve seen some of the other castles already brought in and there’s no way a 6 year old made every bit.

This got me thinking even further about the sort of reaction we have as a parent to the home-school project and how to categorise them. So here goes:

The takeover parent – project managing every minute detail and making sure it’s all done properly by doing it all themselves. Okay, I have been this parent, but in my defence the recycled dress was stapled to the classroom wall for the term so it was good.

The let’s do it together parent – this is the dream, where you help your child bring their ideas to life. They do most of it but you just help with those tricky bits or when they’ve thrown a tantrum and are about to chuck it across the room.

The buy it from Amazon/eBay parent – I salute you. You read the letter from school twice and saw that nowhere did it say it had to be made from a toilet roll and packet of rice krispies. You might add a few bits but then again you might not.

The make your child do it themselves parent – this is probably easier with older kids but I have been there and sat on my hands in order to not step in. It was an interestingly painted and decorated shoe box in Reception.

The last-minute parent – happens to many of us and can often be blamed on our children or the teachers for assuming that you will put your hands into the man trap that is the bottom of a school bag to find letters. You will complete that project though, even if it takes all night.

The here’s one your sibling did two years ago parent – Remember these parents have already been through it once, they deserve a break.

The “I didn’t know about it” parent – tricky this one as we have probably all been there at some point, for the same reason as the last-minute parent. You know that your child will remember the day you forgot to… for the rest of their lives. They will bring it up over Christmas dinner in their 30’s (I’m just guessing obviously). In your defence, if it was so important, why did your child not mention it at any point in the past 3 weeks.

It’s likely you’ll end up as most of these parents at some point during the 10-13 years of compulsory schooling.

Let me know which you’ve been most recently!

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