A day at a theme park with our girls – Paulton’s Park, Hampshire

  1. Choose a theme park which is age appropriate. Our girls are 6 and 3 so major thrill rides are not going to be their thing.
  2. Choose a theme park that isn’t going to take hours to get to. There’s nothing worse than driving for hours to get somewhere for a ‘fun day out’. Everyone gets frazzled before you arrive and car journeys tire everyone out.
  3. Choose somewhere that’s not going to cripple you financially just to get in. OK that one is near on impossible but it is possible to get good discounts for theme parks if you look around on the internet. Tesco Clubcard has been my friend on many occasions.
  4. Take a packed lunch/picnic. Food outlets at theme parks know they have a captive market so can charge pretty much what they like. Currently my girls like to eat their bodyweight in food everyday so it’s definitely worth bringing food for them and then buying them an ice-cream in the afternoon.

Destination: Paulton’s Park (home of Peppa Pig World)

Travel time from our house: 1hr 30mins

Cost: Family of 4 pre-booked ticket – £105 (visitors under 1m are free)

Did we take a picnic: sort of – Mummy did put in food and drink for her precious munchkins but forgot anything for mummy and daddy. We bought chicken wrap meals with fries and a drink for £7 (we were given some plastic glow in the dark dinosaurs to stick on the wall which have proved popular with the girls though).

Before you go: tip from a work colleague – download the free park app

Our Day:

We arrived just before 10am and, because we’d already bought our tickers just walked on in. The gates to the rides opened at 10am precisely so there was a of a rush towards them (determined parents with pushchairs heading for Peppa Pig World area). Mummy is a champion fast walker so surged on ahead with Lala because she [Mummy] really wanted to go on George’s Dinosaur ride.

Queue wasn’t too bad and Lala was still short enough to need Mummy to go on with her. Daddy was spared sitting on a dinosaur and just took photos. Following that the munchkins decided they wanted some more Peppa and off we went to Miss Rabbit’s Hot Air Balloon. On the way Suzy Sheep was doing a meet and cuddle. Lala was scared but Bebe lunged in for a hug. Balloon ride is a great family ride as you can all go on together and have a basket to your family.

There’s a lot more to Peppa Pig World but it’s only one part of Paulton’s Park and it is quite busy in the morning and just after lunch. We took the girls to explore the rest of the park. They have a beautiful two storey carousel which the girls love. They’ve been obsessed with it since thy saw the episode of ‘Do You Know’ on Cbeebies that explains how they work. It’s also the actual carousel from the episode!

Following a pit stop for lunch (There are 14 food outlets around the park and plenty of areas to have a picnic). We went to Lost Kingdom, interestingly this proved to be the girls’ favourite part of the park (take that little girl stereotypes). We went on a dinosaur safari (think small version of the land rover ride in Jurassic Park), played on dinosaur shaped playground equipment, rode the Dino Chase mini coaster 6 times and met a T-Rex called Max. Bebe did tell us that Max couldn’t be real as dinosaurs lived before people!

Other rides we went on and loved were Sky Swinger, Dragon Ride, Digger Ride, Seal Falls, and Professor Blast’s Expedition Express. Bebe and Lala were a bit scared on the Cat’o’Pillar but they did have a go.

And then the heaven’s opened. I’ve never been outside in a thunderstorm before so it was pretty impressive. Bebe was terrified but Lala just kept on laughing. We used the opportunity to get some ice-creams as all the rides had to stop for about 20 minutes. I was impressed at how quickly they started up once the storm passed though.

We didn’t go on every ride obviously (there are over 40!) and we didn’t spend as much time in Peppa Pig World as we have done on previous visits but I think we crammed a lot into the day. Downloading the free app before we went was useful as it contains a park map (great when you need to see where the nearest toilet is) and also wait times over 15 minutes for any ride.

We finally left at about 4.20pm with two very tired little girls. I can quite happily recommend Paulton’s Park to anyone wanting a special theme park day out with the family. Both me and Himself enjoyed the days and the girls have asked to go back.

Please note I was not paid for this review and all views are entirely my own.

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