The 3 Really Useful Things All Mums Have

1. Wet Wipes

How I ever survived before wet wipes I do not know. They are useful for so many things, well, mostly cleaning things but the list is extensive. Obviously they’re great for getting invisible wee and very visible poo off babies and toddlers. They clean sticky/chocolatey/that weird tomato sauce in all baby foody stains from the hands and faces of little ones (and mummy). Snotty nose? Crusty nose? Wet wipe it.

A wet wipe can clean the dried on, crusty, what the chuffing heck were you eating, remnants from a high chair/wipe clean placemat/expensive solid oak table. Dusty shelves or window sill? A wet wipe can sort that. It will also collect the annoying dust on the dashboard of your car. Sticky smeary TV screen or phone? Wet wipe. Need to take off your make-up from that once in a blue moon night out you’ve had? Wet wipe.

Child fallen down and bleeding from the knee? Wet wipe it and tell them to be grateful you’re not using TCP or diluted Dettol like our parents’ did!

They aren’t hideously expensive, if you buy them in bulk from the supermarket own brands (for some reason I have never done this because I got into the habit of buying Huggies pure wipes along with Huggies nappies, which are sadly no longer available, however everyone else I know with kids just gets theirs from Asda). Wet wipes are an amazing invention and I’m just glad there’s always several open packets lurking around the house.

Please note – wet wipes are not always biodegradable like tissue so if you use one to clean your toilet, don’t flush it, bin it.

2. Nappy Bags

What’s not to like about a nappy bag? First of all, you can put pooey nappies in them (you might need several bags depending on the level of smell, especially if it’s an outdoor bin job). But this is not where the usefulness of the nappy bag ends, no sir. Unfortunate accident/poonami requiring full change of clothes? Have no fear the nappy bag is there to keep the clothes from contaminating everything until you get home.

Does your child like to pick up random sticks and stones? Put them in a nappy bag and make your child hold it. Just this week we have been looking for Autumn leaves and a nappy bag was very useful as mummy isn’t known for having carrier bags on her all the time.

No rubbish bin when you’re out for picnic? Use a nappy bag.

Local foxes/cats sh**ing in your garden? Use several nappy bags and possibly a nose peg to stop you retching at the smell.

Again, nappy bags are not expensive and can be bought from as little as 50p for 100. However, some of the more expensive ones are biodegradable, so if you want to cut down on your landfill then look at the labels.

3. Nappy Cream

Now I’ve been generic here because zinc oxide nappy cream is made by all the major supermarkets and Boots, but you know I’m taking about Sudocrem. I love this stuff. I really loved the little tiny pots I got with my Bounty pack whilst pregnant which I kept in my handbag. Nappy cream is great for nappy rash and we just call it ‘white cream’ at home.

It’s also great for adult spots. It helps to dry they up or, if you’ve got a lumpy one, they can encourage the whitehead to appear ready for a good squeeze.

As an eczema sufferer who’s occasionally scratched a bit too much, nappy cream is great for drying up that graze looking, weepy bit or for putting on an angry red bit. It’s great for bringing out a bruise and helping it to heal faster (random tip told to me by a rugby playing ex-boyfriend). You can use it as sunblock, if you’re desperate and also to treat sunburn.

A little goes a long way so a £1.50 can last a month or more.

These are probably the three things I always have lurking in my bag when I am out with my girls and even when I’m out without them. Is there any baby related product you think is an absolute essential now?

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