If My Family Life Were a Movie

This weekend just gone has actually been a lot of fun in the Moon Mummy household. We’ve had lots of outdoors time and exercise. During that time, Mummy got to thinking, ‘What if our lives were a movie?’ I’ve not been to the cinema much recently but I think that family life general provides a good plot for a movie. There’s nothing like people losing their s**t on film, cute children, and then the final seen where the parents get together and they all live happily ever after (and someone miraculously looks after the children while the parents go on vacation! – I can live in hope).

Who would play Mummy? Hmm, this is a tricky one but I think Rebel Wilson would do a good job.

And Daddy? Well if Mummy had a choice then possibly Craig Doyle (him what used to do the Holiday programme on BBC and now flogs Everest windows).

The little Moons could play themselves as I don’t think anyone else could do the job half so well!

What about the movie title? Well I’m not sure about this, so I think I’ll leave it. What I did come up with though is a range of taglines to go with the title. Here is a sample

  1. They’ve woken up and now they’re hungry (Horror)
  2. You’ll never be alone (could be Romance but more likely Horror)
  3. Let’s have two, it’ll be fun! (Comedy? Horror?)
  4. They never sleep! (Horror)
  5. You, Me and Baby makes three (Romance – pre 2013)
  6. It’s the best of times and the worst of times (Comedy – line paraphrased from Charles Dickens – A Tale of Two Cities)
  7. Because nothing bad ever happens on holiday (Comedy? Horror?)
  8. You thought it was safe to use the bathroom! (Horror)

Now my family life is not really a horror movie – though there were moments during the first couple of months of Bebe’s life (who knew poo could be so horrific) and that weekend in Devon where Mummy had her breakdown in 2014 – it’s just that children seem to lend themselves to taglines that, said in a certain way could be horror.

Think about your own little darlings and partner. What would be the tagline to your family movie? Please put them in the comments.

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