Easter 2017

It wasn’t like I’d any big plans for Easter weekend anyway…

This year Easter was slap bang in the middle of my Easter Holiday from school. We had plans for the weekend before; a long weekend in Center Parcs. We had plans for the weekend after, well I say plans, it’s my birthday next week so we’d probably do something. The girls were all booked in to out of school club/nursery for Tuesday and Thursday both weeks. That just left Easter weekend and two Wednesdays. Time to make plans.

The plan went something like this…

  1. First Wednesday – see friend and her small children for play date followed by trip to Sea Life Centre (we have annual passes so technically free)
  2. Good Friday – day trip to Kingston Lacy (National Trust) for Easter Egg Hunt with Grandma
  3. Saturday – day trip to Corfe Castle (National Trust) for Easter Egg Hunt with Himself – can you tell we have National Trust membership?
  4. Easter Sunday – Egg Hunt at Abbotsbury Gardens (Mummy won a Lindt bunny there last year) then off to Grandma’s for a roast dinner.
  5. Easter Monday – some sort of day trip possibly Brownsea Island (National Trust) or Forde Abbey for another Easter Egg Hunt.

It was a simple plan. It was a good plan that featured the great outdoors and chocolate; the perfect mix for Mummy and the little moons.

Unfortunately, the little moons had other ideas. Everything was going well until Maundy Thursday @ 10pm. Mummy heard a little cry from upstairs and then the sound that every parent dreads. By the time I’d switched on Lala’s light, there was vomit everywhere; the duvet, the sheet, the pillow, Lala’s hair. Cue being strong, stripping off bed and child and just getting on with the clean-up. Himself is then woken several times in the night to get up with vomiting Lala.

Foolishly mummy thought that this would just be an overnight thing and carried on with the plan for Good Friday. We were joined by Grandma, Uncle D and Auntie L, which made for very overexcited children. We sat down for a picnic with Mummy’s brand new, extra big picnic blanket. Mummy went to get Grandma a coffee and came back to… …vomit! Most of it all over the blanket and resigned face on Grandma. Look of mild horror on faces of childless Uncle and Aunt.

Never mind said Mummy, as she hands Grandma a nappy bag for the wet wipes and roots around for some clean trousers and socks for Lala. We’ll carry on and do the Egg Hunt. Paid my £2.50 x2 and used the encouraging mummy voice. Lala not interested and needs to be cuddled for entire walk. Get to nearly the end of walk and the play area. Lala perks up and wants to play (but only with Mummy and no one else), so Grandma in charge of Bebe.

5 minutes and all is well. Then Mummy hears crying at a volume that can only be her darling eldest. Bebe has hurt her ankle trying to get down from a 10ft tree stump and partially launching herself at Grandma. Grandma is ok, Bebe is in pain. Mummy is only mildly concerned as Grandma says she will be fine and Bebe does walk, sort of. Mummy does end up carrying her back to car.

Lala vomits in car on the way home. Car is saved by Grandma who had a plastic bag in her pocket. Bebe treated with Calpol and frozen peas when we get home. Both children go to bed early whilst Mummy sinks prosecco with Bebe’s godparents.
Saturday! Mummy is woken by Bebe hopping into her bedroom saying she cannot walk because ankle hurts. Bollocks! Says Mummy to Himself, think I might need to take her to A&E. Mummy would go to Minor Injuries but Mummy knows their x-ray is only open on week days. So Mummy drives Bebe to nearest A&E which is in the next town.

At the same time, Himself is taking Lala to the local Urgent Care Centre as Mummy now feels a bit guilty/worried about the fact Lala hasn’t kept any food down for over 36 hours and she does have a temperature.

Everyone home by 9am but Mummy’s dream of another Egg Hunt is dead. Bebe must rest her sprained ankle and all Lala wants to do is cuddle Mummy on the sofa. Mummy has a bit of a boring day but Himself is in his element as the World Snooker Championship starts so he can sit and watch it whilst the children watch You Tube on the iPad and Mummy’s phone. Day is punctuated by Calpol, frozen peas, crying (children, not Mummy) and vomit. Little moons go to bed early again and Mummy finds a half bottle of prosecco in the fridge!

Easter Sunday. Lala still ill, but Mummy gets a lie in, as Himself takes both the little moons round to see Granddad. Mummy gets into the Easter spirit by creating Egg Hunt indoors for the children. Bebe comes back excited, hopping on one leg, covered in chocolate and ready to hunt eggs. Lala comes back wanting Mummy. Cue some more resting on the sofa and 90 minutes of Peppa Pig.

Off to Grandma’s for a roast. Grandma comes up trumps with another Egg Hunt in her back garden and we search for wooden eggs and mini eggs. Then we sit down to a lovely roast dinner. Lala still just wants Mummy so she has been surgically attached to me for most of the day.
It wasn’t the weekend I imagined, for 2 hours this afternoon I was sat in bed knitting with the girls watching You Tube either side of me. However, I did get to spend an awful lot of time with my babies and my husband. Family time is precious even if it’s not quite the way you planned.

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