Fixing the Breaks Part 3: Time with Himself

So I’ve spent a bit of time over the past month trying to look at where some of the issues I have are based. No-one suddenly gets to rock bottom by chance; it’s a war of attrition over time. Himself has been a constant in my life for the past 10 years. He has put up with me moaning about work, being pregnant, taken the rage and tears of post-natal depression but most importantly he stood in a church 7 years ago and promised to love me. I did the same thing and sometimes I don’t think I show him.

At the end of July I had the chance to spend some time with Himself without the girls. We didn’t just go out for a couple of hours, we had a night away. No big thing I hear some of you say; it is for me. The only time I have spent a night away from one of my girls is when I was giving birth to the other one. I asked to be discharged from hospital at 9:30pm following a gall bladder removal in order to get home and be with my girls.

We had a night away! Mum came over and to look after the girl at 9am and we were off… …to a wedding. We had time to chat in the car; we could listen to the radio rather than My Little Pony on loop (I know the words to all 11 songs). We got to our B&B eventually, as I might have accidentally driven past it and then couldn’t find somewhere to turn round. Himself forgives me though as me driving means he doesn’t have to.

The wedding was beautiful, it was great to catch up with friends without being interrupted by children or worrying about needing to get home. It was a day where I was able to be with Himself and not worry too much. We talked about all sorts of random things, we got to share our love of red wine and cheekily be pleased that we were the only red wine drinkers on our table; not sure agreeing to having another bottle was the best idea. We got to be silly, making use of the photo booth with friends and then running off in the twilight to find the children’s play park and go on the equipment; Himself has video of me on a kiddies aerial slide.

Best of all I got to hold hands with, dance with and just generally connect with one of the most important people in my life. Himself is the man who loves me for me, something I don’t always do. He tells me that I’m beautiful and he means it. In making time for us, I also made time for me.

We are celebrating the day we got together, 10 years ago this August, by going back to exactly the same restaurant for dinner.

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