Sticks And Stones But No Broken Bones (Well a trip to the emergency Dentist) – Our Half-Term

So I’m back at work for the first time in 10 days and I can safely say that I have survived the time at home with my little Moons, just. Here’s how it went:

Day 1

Friday – this was my day off so I did my usual of taking Bebe to school. Then my lovely mum came round, took Lala out for a couple of hours and when she came back took me out for lunch. All good so far.

Afternoon consisted of ‘Class Café’ – Bebe’s class having a bake sale, ever so cute. Then we went to ballet. I wish we hadn’t. 45 minutes of sitting in another room listening to the music is a bit boring. And then Phoebe came out screaming. Apparently she couldn’t have a pink tambourine and so then had refused to join in. She then says someone hit her, which the other girl (incidentally one of her friends) vehemently denied. I carry her to the car still crying and then she carries on crying for the rest of the afternoon/evening. Bed time – wine o’clock

Day 2

Was going to have a relaxing morning with Bebe while Himself took Lala to Gym Tots. Himself goes out, 5 minutes later he comes back as his car has a flat tyre. Himself is, to put it mildly, a bit stressed. I put Lala in my car and toddled off to gym. I’ll be honest and say I can’t remember the rest of that day, but that’s not a bad thing.

Day 3

I got a lie in! Himself took the kids out to granddads and I just went back to sleep. Rest of the day involved watching TV (wall to wall Peppa/Disney films) and a take away in the evening. Wine o’clock

Day 4

Day trip – the National Trust put on a lovely show at our nearest property; we walked around the grounds collecting leaves, did a Halloween quiz trail, and made a flappy bat on a stick. The girls were happy, well behaved and not whining. Happy mummy.

Day 5

Now I’m sure that people will judge me for this but I don’t care. My girls went to Nursery and Out of School club from 7:45am-5:00pm. I got to relax properly for the first time in forever and I really did need it. My PND has been getting worse recently, time and space to myself was needed. I was able to have lunch with Himself; crab cakes with crab mayonnaise and chips. I had an afternoon snooze. The girls made bread, decorated biscuits, and when I picked them up were running around in fancy dress shrieking with laughter.

Day 6

Play date – managed to fit in a trip to the hairdresser first thing. Spent from 11am to around 4pm round a fellow parent of two’s house. They played, screamed, jumped around, ate inappropriate amounts of sweets and biscuits. We managed to do some Art (painting pebbles which was half term homework for Bebe and FinFin) and not get paint everywhere. I got some much needed chatting time with other mums about random stuff as well as our kids. This always makes me feel better as it makes me feel that they’re not just little horrors driving me crazy. They are normal after all.

Day 7

They went to Nursery and Out of School club again. I went into town and did some shopping. I cleaned my home (well I vacuumed downstairs and swept the floor in the dining room), a bit more sleep. Happy girls, tired girls. Himself went out to play snooker so a wine o’clock and a quiet night for Moon Mummy.

Day 8

The whining starts and it doesn’t stop. You’d think the promise of a party and dressing up and pumpkin carving would stop it but no. There is crying and whining and screaming and whinging. It’s a joy it really is. We do eventually go to the party, all dressed up as our own little coven of witches, and it is fun (we have the smallest pumpkin known to man to carve). It’s all going well until Bebe suddenly starts screaming on the trampoline. She accuses a friend of deliberately hitting her. Now I don’t doubt that she is hurt but it’s a trampoline accident. She gets lots of cuddles but not much sympathy – something I then regret as when we finally get home I realise she has a bruise on her chin and a chipped tooth. #motherof theyear – definitely wine o’clock

Day 9

Wake up in a panic about Bebe thinking that she could have really damaged herself and then feel guilty as I was just dismissing her as a drama queen the day before. 7:30am I’m on the phone to 111 and asking if she needs to see anyone. Cue 11:30am appointment at the out of hours Dentist, an hour and a half wait and one filling later, we head off to McDonalds. Personally I could have done something stronger than Big Mac and fries.

Trying to make the afternoon fun, we head off to some local gardens for a runaround. Cue more bloody whining and whinging. It was supposed to be fun but I just wanted to scream. Bebe just whined about everything and Lala just refused to walk in the same direction as anyone else. A very frustrating couple of hours.

But – me and Himself had a night out with friends so it wasn’t all bad.

Day 10

Whoop another lie in. Children are treated to breakfast at Costa and they come back with a chocolate brownie. We embark on a day out. It should have been fun and educational. It wasn’t. More whining and whinging. I think my tolerance levels are low.

End of the day was dinner round my Mum’s, very yummy. Kids got to play with their Uncle and Aunt, mummy and daddy got to drink wine.

All in all it was a good week. Some bits were annoying and others hilarious but you have to take it as a whole rather say it was awful because of one bad day. At home with my kids is always better than work.

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