Letter To My 4 Year Old

Dear Bebe

As your mum I love you and your sister more than anything else in the whole world. However the last couple of weeks have really tested me to the limit. I wake up every morning to a light kiss from you and as you clamber in to bed. All is quiet and calm but it never lasts. At the moment the slightest thing can send you from sweet 4 year old to evil screaming banshee.

It’s hard, I know it’s hard to be told that you cannot do something but to roll around on the floor crying and wailing when I won’t let you take vitamin gummies out of the pot seems excessive (they are medicine and only mummy and daddy touch medicines). Yes you do have to have your hair brushed every day, and yes, it does have to be put up. One day you will be able to brush your own hair and mummy will jump for joy. I don’t enjoy the process and having to cajole and battle with you makes the whole thing last 15 minutes instead of two. The last thing I want is to see you in tears but I’m not making it take forever and you have said you don’t want your hair cut short.

I would like to point out that mummy is not being unreasonable when she tells you that there is no pudding today, or you cannot have another biscuit. You need to eat more fruit and veg because don’t think I haven’t noticed that you change the foods you like and dislike with each week. You cannot live off cheese sandwiches and Kinder eggs (mummy really hates the plastic toys as well).

Mummy is not deliberately setting out to make you upset. I am hurt when several times a day you mention how upset I’ve made you, sometimes all I said was that you had to go to the toilet on your own or that I wanted 5 minutes to myself. You cannot have it all your own way.

Mothering Sunday’s behaviour was impressive. I appreciate that you didn’t want to go to the Gardens for a walk but mummy did and both mummy and daddy had given up their Saturday to take you and your sister to parties. I am however sorry that I shouted at you, losing my temper didn’t improve your behaviour and all it did for me was to make me cry (and give rise to those nasty thoughts were I just leave you girls with daddy and run away, I wouldn’t but sometimes it feels like I might)

The day did get better and we did have a nice time (apart from the whingeing when I didn’t go home the way you wanted and the shouting at daddy to not go in the park).

Mummy loves you but she really wishes that you would listen to her as much as she listens to you.

Love Mummy xx

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