“Let’s leave the pushchair at home” – because this always ends well

I’m going to say straightaway that I cannot just blame himself for uttering this statement before a trip out; we’ve both done it (but I’ve only said it once).

In your head the youngest is 3 and perfectly capable of walking a reasonable distance. You’re going to be driving for a while, they’ll be glad of the chance to stretch their legs and run around in the open air, enjoying the freedom. We don’t need the pushchair anymore.

WRONG! So very, very wrong.

  • However capable you think your three year old is of walking, the minute you choose not to take the pushchair they will develop an inability to walk for more than two minutes. “My legs are tired”, was audibly heard 4 seconds after getting out the car at Monkey World, “carry”. This weekend was no-one’s fault as neither of us had mentioned the pushchair. We spent the day either bribing Lala to walk or playing pass the three year old.
  • If you do not have a pushchair then when the littlest wants to be carried, the biggest will also automatically discover an inability to use their legs. Cue more bribery and pass the five year old. (Me and Himself have arms of steel and mild back strain.)
  • The pushchair is useful for strapping people into when they get keep running off and not listening to Mummy and Daddy. It’s a bit like a mobile prison.
  • If you don’t have a pushchair, one of the grown ups has to carry the Bag, and the coats, and Mr Bunny, and Raffles, and the gloves, and the water bottles that have been taken out of the bag, and don’t forget at least one of the children.

Pushchairs are a bit of a lifeline really. I’m not sure I want to give mine up yet.


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