It’s Too Darn Hot

So, it’s been a super hot weekend and is going to be super hot all week. Himself and I have noticed that one of our little darlings is embracing the heat while the other is melting.

We’ve basically survived the weekend with a steady supply of

  • Boots Soltan SPF 50 (other brands are available)
  • Paddling pool
  • Water
  • Shade
  • and lots and lots of lollies

We haven’t done much apart from stay in the garden because it’s too darn hot.

And then there’s bedtime!

Heat embracer just zonks out after swearing point blank that she is not tired. Mummy’s little melter has other ideas because she had a two hour siesta between the hours of 2pm and 4pm. Last night we had the following excuses for not sleeping and yo-yoing downstairs.

1. It’s too hot (very true, but your window is open, you’re just wearing a nappy and there’s not a lot else I can do).
2. I’m not tired (no one said you had to go to sleep, just stay in your room).
3. It’s boring in my room (because there’s no toys in there at all that I don’t trip over every morning).
4. Water (is in a twisty bottle next to your bed)
5. Want new water (I put fresh in at bedtime)
6. Can you help me turn the tap on (since when have you voluntarily decided to wash your hands after going to the toilet?)
7. My Sleepin’ Booty (Lala has appeared in the lounge doorway is full Disney princess get up with Tiara)
8. Need cuddle (right, here’s your cuddle now go to bed)
9. Need Daddy cuddle (Daddy gives cuddle)
10. Lala sits on middle step (BED!!!)
11. My knee hurts (Mummy leaves sofa to check knee and carry darling to bed)
12. What number comes after 30 (Daddy has told Lala to try counting to help her sleep – she is 3)
13. It’s too dark in my room! (Personally Mummy thinks that a black out blind and blackout lined curtains should result in a dark room but when she goes upstairs it is quite light.
9.20pm – child finally goes to sleep
9.30pm – Mummy is too tired to continue sensible conversation and goes to bed.
14. It’s too hot and Mummy needs water.

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