Hooray Hooray it’s half-term today – said no parent ever

I love my little moppets to the moon and back but half-term and holidays can test me to the limit. We’re about to embark (thanks to two INSET days) on 10 days of being at home! 10 days of constantly being told “Mummy I’m hungry” and “can we go to soft play hell hole?”

So I have a plan, this time I’m going to be super organised and have something to do every day…
…err probably!

Actually my week is semi planned (around the kids obvs).

Bebe has 2 birthday parties to go to at the weekend so me and Himself will tag team it on the childcare front. We’ll tell each other that there will be time to take the little darlings out for some fun family frolics but actually end up at home wondering why we don’t quite have the energy and me turning to Himself on Saturday night begging for a takeaway and wine.

Weekdays however will be different. Himself works from home so we need to make sure he has space and quiet for work. This mummy has learnt her lesson and the little moppets are off to an Out of School club run by Lala’s nursery for two days. There the little darlings can interact with friends, do fun craft and mummy will actually get some child free time. She’s going to do fun stuff like paint the bathroom – yes I really do consider this fun – and go out for lunch with Himself.

A play date has been organised for at least one afternoon. It’s round a friend’s house and this is the friend who doesn’t judge mummy for having the odd glass of prosecco in the day time. She has three kids and they all play happily with mine – usually.

Grandma has been contacted and offered the opportunity to spend a whole day with me and her beautiful grandchildren! Hopefully grandma will drive (and pay for lunch) and we can disappear off to a local National Trust property for some fresh air and craft activities – the National Trust in our area are quite good for the old craft activity.

And then… well who knows there’s still about four days where I have nothing planned and my little darlings will be free to make up their own fun. Unfortunately, making up their own fun often consists of playing mummies and babies and then descending into a shouty, screamy, door slamming disaster but I live in hope.

Whatever happens, I will get to spend a bit more time with my babies, share in their fun and watch god awful videos strange Americans have uploaded on to YouTube Kids.

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