Gastro Gnomes – Interesting Eating Habits

I am now approaching five years of this parenting malarkey and it’s come to my attention that my girls have developed some very interesting ways of eating.

1. Eating the frosting off cup-cakes

Practically every child under four I’ve ever seen at a part will quite happily pile their plates with pretty cakes and then 10 minutes later their plates are covered with slightly slimy half chewed sponge.

2. Dissecting a custard cream

Pulling it in half, licking or maybe scratching off the cream and then possibly eating half the biscuit whilst leaving the other bit somewhere in the lounge/down the side of the sofa to be found at a later date.

3. Extracting the fish from a fish finger

Two weeks ago they just sat down and ate it, now they are painstakingly hacking off every last bit of breadcrumb. This works in reverse with sausage rolls, where I am presented with a piece of sausage meat while they happily eat the pastry.

4. If you don’t like it, throw it half way across the table

It doesn’t matter how many times I tell them that if they don’t like then leave on the side of the plate, Bebe definitely feels the need to push it off her plate and over the other side of the table all the while shouting about how YUCKY it is.

5. Eating each different part of the meal before moving on to the next

We start with potato and then meat and then vegetables last of all (the battle to get them to eat peas is a fun one).

6. The mini cheddar sandwich

This does not involve bread! Nope this involves the chewing of one mini cheddar and then the placing of said chewed mini cheddar between two more. Sounds gross, looks gross, and I’m ashamed to admit I used to do it when I was four.

Along with interesting ways of eating we also have fun flavour combinations.

1. Carrots dipped in strawberry yoghurt

I can just about cope with this one. It often happens at lunch time and I can see how yoghurt might look like thousand island dressing.

2. Chocolate mousse and peas

This is a particular favourite of Lala, who often doesn’t quite finish all the peas on her plate. Take the plate away and she screams blue murder. Leave the plate and she will quite happily spoon the peas into the mousse and eat the lot.

3. Cola poured onto custard

This has happened a couple of times and is just very disgusting. Yes I know I’ve let my four year old drink cola but it’s a treat and then she has poured half of it onto her dessert. Yummy.

4. Dipping anything into squash or cola

I’m again guilty of this one in my childhood. There just seems to be a great fascination for children dipping their food into their drink. Grown-ups dunk biscuits don’t they? Why not dunk a roast potato into a glass of milk? It’s sort of the same thing.

The main thing Himself and I have learnt when it comes to food though is, as long as they’re eating it, it really doesn’t matter how they do it or the combination, they are at least eating (we do draw the line at sitting with no clothes on and eating with your feet though).


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